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Photography Mentorship Program:

Hourly Private Lessons

I learned more about photography in the first week as a Corporate Photographer at Caterpillar, Inc. than I did in four years of majoring in photography at Bradley University. I grew so much that first week because I was able to work one on one with industry experts who provided answers, ideas, and suggestions to all of my many questions and inquiries. It’s from this experience that I am confident mentoring is one of the best tools to learn a skill quickly and efficiently.

Through this photography mentoring program I can help you with any aspect of your photography, all you have to do is ask the questions.

Common Topics:

Camera and Equipment Selection

Camera and Equipment Operation and Techniques



Studio Lighting

Location Lighting

Portfolio Critique

Business (Legal Structure, Copyright, Licensing and Usage, Contracts, Releases, Pricing, Etc.)

Website Evaluation

More…Just Ask! I am completely open and honest, I will even tell you exactly how I shot and processed one of my images if you ask.

Pricing at my 18 acre mountain home/studio in Pine, Co

Private $100/Hour

2 people $150/Hour

3-4 people $200/Hour

On Location in or near Denver, Co - Private $150/Hour* (4 hour minimum, includes travel time)

2 People $200/Hour* (4 hour minimum, includes travel time)

3-4 People $250/Hour* (4 hour minimum, includes travel time)

On Location Outside of the Denver, Co Area - Contact For Pricing*

*Additional travel fees may be added for on-location mentoring

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